Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia


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Day Tour at Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia has been the milestone of culture and of significant athletic and religious center of ancient Greece, due to the Olympic Games held every four years to honor the father of Gods, Zeus.

You can visit the archaeological site of Olympia and the museum as well as the area in which the remains of ancient buildings were discovered. The museum in the courtyard houses works by contemporary Greek artists, while inside you can admire many of the findings of the excavations.

Highlights include the Roman portico, the Pelopeio, the Nymphaeum, the Prytaneion the Philippeion, Heraion where Hermes of Praxiteles was found, the Registry and the gallery of Echo.

The Stadium of the Olympic Games could accommodate 40,000 spectators and its perimeter is equivalent to 600 steps of Hercules. Beside it lies the majestic temple of Zeus, the greatest monuments in wealth, size and symbolic value in the ancient years.

The breathtaking Temple of Zeus is a Doric temple with fine decoration. The gold and ivory statue of Zeus lay here which depicted him sitting on his throne. Other significant buildings are the Deputies, South gallery, the Palaestra of the 3rd BC Century and the High School where athletes trained. Next stop the Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games, which hosts numerous ancient exhibits from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia.


Temple of Zeus
Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games
The Stadium
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Entrance fees for the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum
Transportation by luxury A/C Minivan
Pick up service
Services of a Professional and Licensed guide
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