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The trip starts with a short drive along the scenic route to Corinth and a short stop at the Corinthian canal, continuing towards Ancient Corinth. Ancient Corinth was an important city centre in antiquity, it was the city that Apostle Paul visited and established part of the New Testament. Our visit continues to the magnificent monuments of the pre-Roman period, the temple of Apollo and the Agora. Next stop to our trip is at the vineyards of Nemea. Greece is famous for its fine wine production and its tradition of wine culture. Greeks have been producing wine since the Neolithic Ages but also have been praised and chanted in the name of God Dionysus. Today, Nemea is one of the most popular vineyards of Greece offering fine winery. The tour includes a visit at the winery facilities, learning about the production of red wine and a tour at the cellar with more than 1000 oak barrels; and of course the tour includes some wine tasting of the finest wines of Nemea.


Corinth Canal
Ancient Corinth
Visit Ancient Agora and pre Roman temple of Apollo
Nemea Vineyard


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